Case Studies


Real-world case studies show how Supply Source Options has helped manufacturers streamline production by outsourcing to S2O!

Our kitting, assembly and fulfillment services have helped manufacturers in many different industries to overcome challenges with labor, packaging, automation and more. Creating efficiencies and saving money through outsourcing is our specialty!

Read about some of our recent projects below, and contact us today to see how we can help your company become more efficient.

Custom Golf Club Assembly & Fulfillment

A manufacturer of custom golf clubs was experiencing an explosion in growth but having a hard time keeping up with the increased demand. The number of quality issues, late shipments, and missed orders compounded to the point that customer dissatisfaction was growing at an alarming rate.

Supply Source Options created automated systems to streamline production, shipping, and returns processes, which results in significantly better customer satisfaction, a dramatic decrease in labor overhead, and fewer returns. Read More...


Fastener Kitting & Assembly

A large, nationally-known manufacturer of fasteners was struggling with a very weak labor market. They just could not acquire the manpower needed to create kits of fastener components for their very popular fastener kits. This led to high costs and long lead times for the production department.

Supply Source Options assembles the kits at our facility with our more efficient automation processes and adequate staff in-house to quickly assemble a large number of kits, and scale production on a weekly basis to meet demand. Read More...


Kitting & Packaging of Cargo Equipment

A nationwide leader in cargo supplies was struggling with delivering products to their customers in great condition. Packaging for some best-selling products was resulting in damaged product, leading to higher costs and customer dissatisfaction.

Supply Source Options was their choice to outsource kitting, assembly and packaging because of our ability to refine the process for maximum efficiency. Our ability to creatively solve key issues has freed up the manufacturer’s time and created the revenue they needed to launch another new product line. Read More...


High-Tech Assembly Efficiency

A technology manufacturer struggled to find high-quality labor for an ever-changing volume of high-tech projects. Hiring a full team, when they only needed a partial team, wasn’t viable. And using a temp agency was not delivering the quality of personnel they needed to succeed.

Outsourcing assembly to Supply Source Options enables them to scale volume on demand from week-to-week and have confidence that the final deliverables are up to their high-quality standards.