Other Industries

Other Industries

Supply Source Options die casts parts from aluminum, zinc, iron, and several types of steel in order to best serve our customers, no matter what industry they get into. Our parts work well in many industrial applications as well as electronics and mechanical applications.

Die casting precision and consistency are qualities our customers can always count on, both for low and high volume jobs. Our customers also thrive on our ability to solve complex logistical problems and fulfill orders on time, 100% of the time.

Our skill range in die casting and value added services gives us the confidence to help virtually any industry. Numerous products we distribute are applicable to more than one industry. United with our vast set of die casting techniques, you have the opportunity to obtain the right product, knowing that it will be delivered in the right amount of time.

casting and stamping capabilities supply source options

Our main casting and stamping equipment include:

  • High Pressure Die Casting:
    • 180T (3 sets)
    • 280T (4 sets)
    • 350T (2 sets)
    • 400T (2 sets)
    • 500T (2 sets)
  • High Pressure Die Casting
    • 630T (1 set)
    • 800T (3 sets)
    • 900T (1 set)
    • 1250T ( 1 set)
    • 1600T (3 sets)
  • Turn-Over Gravity Die Casting equipment
  • Crucible Melting Furnaces
  • Electric Ovens
  • Automatic Resin Sand Line
  • CNC Punching

Solutions We Offer

Metal Casting

By offering a variety of casting services that support a range of metals, we are confident that, no matter the industry, we can help you build any metal part you need.

Value Added Services

We match all of our services to your requirements, no matter how unique. S2O can help create custom logistical solutions tailored to your organization.