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Manufacturers can ensure that parts are defect-free by using industrial sorting services to solve quality issues before they start!

Rely on Supply Source Options for quality inspection, sorting and sequencing services at every stage of sub-assembly, production and delivery to make just-in-time inventory even more efficient.

Sorting Services for Manufacturers, Sequencing and Rework - Supply Source Options in Michigan

Industrial Sorting Services for Manufacturers

  • Timely, accurate sorting services according to your exact specs
  • Comprehensive inspection, sorting and sequencing, rework and containment
  • Multi-supplier sorting
  • Fully transparent, detailed reporting

Whether you suspect quality issues, or want to prevent them from happening in the first place, S2O has you covered!

Quality, Industrial Sorting Services

Let us help you address immediate and long-term concerns with quality control!

Using your exact specifications, we will inspect parts, detect those that do not conform and prevent bad products from reaching your customers.

Through visual and basic dimensional inspection, Supply Source Options’ experienced team will provide detailed reporting and open the lines of communication to ensure we get it exactly right. We can inspect and sort according to anything that is specific to your part, including scratches or cracks, finishing issues, missing pieces and much more.

Any defective parts will be immediately contained and included on our detailed reports, which can be sent hourly, daily or anytime you’d like.  

Our team can even work with you to find solutions and rework parts for production or eliminate them from the supply chain completely.

Quality Inspection Containment Services in Michigan -
Inspection and Quality Control in Michigan -
Kitting Services for Manufacturers - Supply Source Options of Michigan

Multi-Supplier Sorting Services

Consolidate sorting and quality inspection of parts that you source from multiple suppliers.

Increase efficiency and ensure top-tier quality when you send parts from all your different suppliers to S2O for sorting.

With one source for sorting, you gain more consistency. A single source for sorting will better see the ‘whole picture’ and how each piece fits together to ensure overall higher quality.

We can even contain problem parts and offer recommendations to rework them and protect your profits by getting them back into production fast!

Quality Sorting Services for Manufacturers - Supply Source Options of Michigan

Why trust S2O with quality sorting services?

  • An experienced team that works with you to fully understand the potential issues, product specs and sorting requirements
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Timely turnaround
  • Cost-effective
  • Detailed, comprehensive, easy-to-understand reporting
  • Excellent service

We do much more than just sorting parts!



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