Casting and Stamping

Casting the perfect part

Metal casting requires a great deal of critical thinking and problem solving skills along with a thorough understanding of the materials, equipment and process. Leverage the expertise of our foundry to get high quality cast metal parts at a low cost.

Supply Source Options utilizes a range of casting techniques to mold various metals into finished parts. Following is a list of our major casting services along with detailed specifications.

Our main casting and stamping equipment include:

  • High Pressure Die Casting:
    • 180T (3 sets), 280T (4 sets), 350T (2 sets), 400T (2 sets), 500T (2 sets)
    • 630T (1 set), 800T (3 sets), 900T (1 set), 1250T ( 1 set), 1600T (3 sets)
  • Turn-Over Gravity Die Casting equipment
  • Crucible Melting Furnaces
  • Electric Ovens
  • Automatic Resin Sand Line
  • CNC Punching  

Aluminum Die Casting

S2O’s foundries have years of experience in the following aluminum die casting techniques. Aluminum itself has several advantages over other metals; it is lightweight, low cost, corrosion resistant, ductile, and recyclable, and it’s a great electrical conductor.    

High Pressure Casting

This process offers high levels of productivity and creates a finished good that is extremely durable and cost effective. Our machines produce complex designs at the highest level of accuracy. Zinc can also be used in this process, and has many of the same properties as aluminum.

Low Pressure Casting

Low pressure die casting allows for a more clean and controlled process but is a bit slower than high pressure casting; ideal for smaller quantities of precision parts.

Gravity Casting

Supply Source Options’ gravity casting machines have rapid production rates, with greater dimensional accuracy, and smooth cast surfaces.

Investment Casting

Our foundries also offer investment casting which is ideal for stainless steel, carbon steel, and other steel alloy. Investment casting has great dimensional accuracy, as well as the capability to produce intricate designs with a high-quality finished surface.

Our investment casting process uses extremely detailed wax patterns to construct a mold for the finished part. Once the investment is ready, it’s filled with molten steel. After the steel has hardened into it’s final form, the wax is removed revealing your finished good.

This process provides great dimensional accuracy, accommodates highly intricate designs, and delivers a high-quality surface finish.

Learn about our finishing and polishing services.

Suitable Metals

  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Other Steel Alloy

Iron Casting

Our iron foundries accommodate two different types of iron: ductile cast iron and grey cast iron. The main difference in these two irons is their graphite formation.

Ductile cast iron contains magnesium which causes the graphite to form into nodules (sphere-like shape), allowing it to be more flexible and impact resistant.

Graphite within grey cast iron forms flakes which allows it to be machined easily, and also provides good vibration damping.

Metal Stamping

The stamping machines employed by Supply Source Options offer several in-line processes to cut down on costly secondary and assembly operations. Learn about our CNC lathe and machining operations.