Heavy Machinery

Heavy Machinery Industry

Heavy machinery can mean a lot of things these days. From fracking and drilling to new construction and landscaping, heavy machinery has to be able to withstand some of the harshest conditions. In order for that to happen, the machines have to be built from high quality, robust parts.

Being a parts supplier for heavy machinery means that we take rugged to a whole new level. Our high grade machines, experienced operators and quality material work together to deliver parts that will hold up in any environment, no matter how rough. If you’re looking to create a substantial part for the heavy machinery industry, Supply Source Options is the right source for you.

Solutions We Offer

Metal Casting

By offering a variety of casting services that support a range of metals, we are confident that, no matter the industry, we can help you build any metal part you need.

Value Added Services

We match all of our services to your requirements, no matter how unique. S2O can help create custom logistical solutions tailored to your organization.

Our Distribute Products

Our gas springs offer many applications for heavy machinery. Please take a look at the specifications of the different gas springs we offer.