Agriculture Industry

This is an exciting time for agricultural automation. We're using much of the same equipment today as we were a hundred years ago, but modern technology like GPS is helping it evolve into precise machinery that wastes less fuel, fertilizer and seeds than ever before. 

Manufacturing is also evolving to become more precise and less wasteful. Our foundries provide design accuracy and pristine finishes on metal castings used in agricultural machinery, leaving our customer with a high quality final product at a low cost. Contact us if you're looking for a professional partner to build your agricultural machinery parts.

Solutions We Offer

Metal Casting

By offering a variety of casting services that support a range of metals, we are confident that, no matter the industry, we can help you build any metal part you need.

Value Added Services

We match all of our services to your requirements, no matter how unique. S2O can help create custom logistical solutions tailored to your organization.

Distributed Products

Our gas springs offer many applications for your agricultural needs. Please take a look at the specifications of the different gas springs we offer.