Distributed Products

Office Furniture Parts & More

  • Gas Cylinders

    All S2O gas cylinders ensure functionality, reliability, consistency, and long-lasting performance. We offer a variety of different cylinders and each cylinder is tested within our facility and validated by office furniture industry leaders. Specific cylinders that we distribute include: standard, heavy duty, super heavy duty, return, auto return, auto return lift, non-rotated, dual mode, 2 stage, long taper, all taper, cable, height-fixed and bouncing.

  • Gas Springs

    When compared to normal metal springs, S2O’s distributed gas spring contains innovative features, allowing a wide range of applications in many industrial areas. All of our springs are tested and evaluated before being sent to their final destination.

  • Fabric

    We distribute a mesh fabric that is widely used in the office furniture market, as well as for automobiles, trains, hospitals, bicycles, and many other seating applications. Mesh, being a unique material, is applied mostly to office chairs but the range of application is enormous. The mesh comes in all different weave patterns, colors and can be customized to meet your exact requirements.

  • Arm Rests

    Adjustable arm rests are another product that we distribute. Our armrests are sleek, easily assembled and designed for price consideration but does not sacrifice functionality in the slightest. They have a 10 cm height adjustment, decorate aluminum option, and can match with any of our arm pads.

  • Arm Pads

    Like our arm rests, we have a variety of unique arm pads that can be distributed separately or attached with our arm rests. Our 3D arm pad has a smooth, hydraulic movement from left/right and front/back. This allows the end user to find their sweet spot.

  • Table Lifting Columns & Linear Actuators

    Another series of products that we offer are lifting columns and linear actuators. Along with these products, we have control boxes and handsets that are fit for each application. This modern merchandise shines light on an industry shift into a more personalized work environment.

  • Chair Bases

    Supply Source Options understands the importance of quality when manufacturing the foundation of the office chair. We offer chair bases with complete customization of metal, size, finish, color, and will meet all tool and surface requirements.

  • Suitable Hardware

    Supply Source Options supplies hardware and fittings that provide solutions to industries such as furniture, cabinet, and architectural. Our products are manufactured by Hafele. Hafele’s hardware technology has allowed them to become world renown for quality, variety, and knowledge. S2O supports a wide range of Hafele products and encourage any interested party to inquire about any hardware that seems applicable.

  • Casters

    Our casters are mostly applicable to office chairs, but our product line covers many industries. We understand the power of variation and our goal is to provide the right product at the right time, which is why all of our product lines are extensive. Casters are no different. We can provide light duty casters, heavy duty casters, shock absorbing casters, stainless steel casters, and much more.