Environmental Advocacy

Living near an amazing body of fresh water and a wealth of nature trails and outdoor recreation areas in Holland, MI has made Supply Source Options very conscious of the way we treat our environment. We’ve taken several actions to ensure we’re running efficiently to minimize our impact on our earth, and we continually seek out new ways we can reduce our carbon footprint in the years to come.

  • Our facility uses fluorescent lighting fixtures that deliver 60% more light while using 55% less electricity. We are looking to make a transition towards LED lighting. Following is a graph that displays our electrical energy consumption:
  • During winter months, Supply Source has drastically reduced our natural gas consumption compared to past winters. The installment of a radiant heater has played a major role in helping us reduce energy consumption. The heater is set on a timer to keep our warehouse employees comfortable, while the warehouse remains at 50 degrees. Please refer to the following graph, which displays our energy savings.
  • Recyclable materials such as cardboard and plastic are frequently disposed of in our facility. Within our warehouse there are distinct recycling bins where each material is placed. Right now, the amount of solid waste that is sent to landfills is at an all time low. Please refer to the following graph:
  • Our HVAC system uses highly efficient heat pumps and cooling units.
  • S2O does not use or create any hazardous waste in any of our processes.
  • S2O does not emit any air emissions or pollution whatsoever.