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Order Picking and Packing

Preparing for takeoff

Our cutting edge inventory management system makes it easy for the Supply Source Options team to pull your product when you need it and get it safely packed up for shipment. Order picking and packing is always a smooth and efficient process in our warehouse.

Customers also take advantage of our logistics expertise and trust us to arrange transportation. Read

Order Picking

Having a well organized warehouse helps ease the picking process, whether it be a single piece order, a bulk shipment, or cross-dock. These are all within our capability and we successfully execute this service daily. No matter the quantity or consistency of your orders, we will pick the right amount every time.


Order Packing

The packing stations in our facility are well equipped with all of the essential tools to ensure an efficient packing process. Our packing team uses advanced scanning technologies to ensure the correct steps have been taken before labeling it and moving it to a designated staging area to await shipment.