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Inventory Planning and Warehousing

We have space and efficiency

Supply Source Options operates 65,000 sq. ft. of professionally managed, secure, clean storage space in Holland, MI. We have a dedicated staff who are experts in warehousing. Our proprietary inventory management system helps our customers plan ahead and implement the steps necessary to prevent future complications. Our system also possesses 24/7 inventory visibility, giving you a window through which you can check on your products at any time, day or night, and rest assured that all is well.

Comprehensive Inventory Planning

Our in-house inventory planning system is one of our greatest differentiating qualities, one that has allowed us to grow and strengthen relationships with our customers. With this system we can predict the future and foresee problems months before they arise. This allows us to collaborate with our customers on a prevention strategy and gives us plenty of time to implement.

comprehensive inventory planning supply source options

Inventory Management

We do warehousing a little different than most. We have created an inventory management system for our 65,000 sq. ft. facility that excels in efficiency. Our proprietary software allows us to foresee issues we would be facing months down the road and plan ahead. Our warehouse is impeccably clean and organized which helps for a smooth flowing efficient operation that saves our customers time and money.

Real Time Inventory Visibility

Our software offers another valuable tool which is the ability to see the exact amount of inventory we have, precisely where it is located within our warehouse, and all information relating to that specific item. A combination of alert watchmen and meticulous precautionary functions performed by our system on a regular basis provide our customers with peace of mind.